Progress in laboratory testing of thyroid disease

Juergen Kratzsch

Professor Juergen Kratzsch, PhD, is Associate Professor and Senior Scientist responsible for endocrinological laboratory diagnostics in the Institute of Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics at the University Hospital of Leipzig in Germany.

Professor Kratzsch completed his academic training in 1980 at the University of Leipzig, and in 1984 he obtained his PhD degree on methodological issues in hormone analytics. In 2001, he completed his second graduation in Clinical Chemistry, and in 2004, became an Associate Professor for Clinical Chemistry at the University of Leipzig.

Professor Kratzsch’s main research interests are the laboratory diagnostic of thyroid and growth hormone/IGF-related diseases as well as the investigation of adipokines function in metabolic disorders. He is a member of various endocrinology associations. Professor Kratzsch is the deputy speaker for the Endocrinological Laboratory Diagnostics section of the German Society for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Diagnostics.

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