Progress in laboratory testing of thyroid disease

Michael Rottmann


Michael Rottmann obtained his PhD in biochemistry from the University of Mainz (Germany).  He completed a 2 years research fellowship in the international project: "Research for new bioreactive compounds in HIV cell culture from marine organisms" . He has over 25 years experience in immunoassay development, project management and control material design with Roche Diagnostics. His main focus is on thyroid; sepsis, autoimmune disease; growth hormone and rheumatoid arthritis. He is experienced in the following international groups:  member IFCC working group for standardization of hCG headed by Dr. C.M. Sturgeon;  EDMA representative in the working group: G6RD-2001-00567/IVD-Thyroid headed by Dr. R.M. Lequin; member IFCC/IRMM working group harmonization of autoimmune testing (WG-HAT) headed by Dr. J. Sheldon; Member Task Force for Proficiency Testing (TF-PT) headed by Dr. A. Haliassos; Member International harmonization project for human growth hormone, headed by  Dr. E.G.W. Lentjes.



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